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Wedding Dress Details - What's the right fit for your shape and size?
Your destination wedding may seem like it is just around the corner and you still haven't found that elegant and timeless wedding gown with the perfect fit. Well, you have come to the right place! Here, we will describe the different styles that accent your features, and body type. These tips let you know exactly what types of destination wedding dresses to look for, whether it is a beach wedding dress, a plus size wedding dress, or an informal wedding dress. Keep in mind that wedding dresses with light, flowing layers, short trains, and dresses that highlight your back are the perfect find for this year's destination weddings.
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Your Honeymoon - Tips to make your Honeymoon getaway seamless.
While you spend so much time planning every last detail of your wedding ceremony - the cake, the linen, the flowers, even what chairs to use - the details of the most important trip of your life often get overlooked. Take some time off from planning the ceremony and fantasize and talk about your honeymoon ideas. After your wedding, when all guests are gone, where do you want to start your new life together? What kind of trip do you both want? A totally romantic relaxing honeymoon vacation or one with some activities and adventure? Here are some fun and practical tips to help ensure that your honeymoon is everything you have always dreamed of.
Discuss your honeymoon ideas early, start planning and both get involved.
Set aside some time during the honeymoon trip for each of you can plan at least one surprise romantic evening for each other. You spend so much time planning every minute detail of the wedding, make planning your honeymoon fun!
Take advantage of honeymoon packages that include your air, accommodations and rental car.
Honeymoon packages can offer great savings and convenience. You will find that most honeymoon packages offer other exclusive benefits too like champagne or spa treatments.
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You've spent so much time planning your wedding don't forget to ask all the right questions about your honeymoon! Here are some questions you may want to ask when planning your honeymoon.
  1. What is included in your rate?
  2. What are the extra things I will have to pay for?
  3. Are there any specials available?
  4. Are there going to be families, children at this resort?
  5. What deposit is required and when?
  6. Can my rate change once I have put down my deposit?
  7. When is full payment required?
  8. What happens if I cancel?
  9. Is there insurance available?
  10. Are there any specials for honeymoons?
  11. What documents do I need in order to get my marriage license or honeymoon specials?
  12. Should I bring cash, travelers checks, credit cards?
  13. Do I need a passport, visa or certified copy of birth certificate?
  14. Do I need any immunizations?
  15. What should I pack?
  16. Is there a limit of the number of suitcases I can take?
  17. Is there a weight limit to the suitcases?
  18. What about tipping? Who? What? How much?
Being the Matron of Honor.
We all know being the maid of honor means being responsible for organizing other attendants, helping the bride keep her cool and help keep her stress levels as low as possible! This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will always cherish. Here are some more tips to help you help the bride to be...
  1. Plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party but keep in mind the bride's style and tastes. Not every bride wants to drink tea at her bridal shower or wants a drink-a-thon at her bachelorette party. If they are registered on the honeymoon registry, think about throwing a shower based on where the honeymoon would be.
  2. Give her a break! Getting married is a very emotional time and may make the bride a lot more sensitive so remember to let the little things go!
  3. Be sure to let everybody, including guests/friends/family know where the bride and groom are registered. Many brides aren't sure how to let people know about their registry, send an email to the guests and put the wedding websites and registries on the shower invitations. And of course, word of mouth is important - it's easy to talk about the dream honeymoon the couple wants to take, let the guests know how they can be a part of it by telling them about the couples honeymoon registry.
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Being a Bridesmaid.
With your love for the bride, being one of her bridesmaids will come naturally. However, there are some things to keep in mind as you go through this exciting and once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  1. Every bride has different hopes and expectations for her wedding and honeymoon, so ask how you can help.
  2. The bride has a crystal clear vision of how her wedding should be. So even if you don't agree on the French manicures, just remember it's all up to her. After all, it is her wedding!
  3. Give the bride a break! Getting married is an emotional roller coaster and might make her a bit more sensitive. Simply let the small stuff go!
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